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Flowers Touch The Heart, Words Touch The Soul

You can change a life with words, you can change a person's emotions with words, you can form a business partnership with words, and you can start a life together with words. Words can make you happy or sad, words can change the rest of your life in a split second, words can make you laugh or cry, words can cause stress or release stress, every single thing that happens to you in a day is because of words that are spoke or written. 

In order to upgrade my writing skills I have completed numerous writing courses online, hired private writing coaches, and worked with published authors.  I have won numerous writing contests, and been featured as a guest writer in published books. Writing weekly columns for newspapers and being featured in magazines have given me the opportunity to touch people with my words.

I take my writing very seriously and am very happy to be at a place in my life that I can make a living doing what I love the most. I belong to writing groups, blogging groups, women in business groups, and women in marketing groups. This helps me keep on top of new and exciting trends and it allows me to get to know the women who are the best in the business.

I was writing "Jingles That Jangled", "Tags That Tingled" and "Content That Sold" long before the world of social media. It was much harder to get your target audience then, facebook however has opened up a whole new world. Blogging helps me get inside the reader and stir emotions that keep them coming back for more, it gives me time to tell a story, and when I can tell the story I will gain trust, and people buy from people they trust.


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